The Life of Shelton Doyle Blalock

July 27, 1921 - April 23, 1997

The Life of Shelton Doyle Blalock

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Part One - Early Years
Part Two - The World War II Years
Part Three - 1946 to 1978
Part Four - Post-Retirement

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Son, brother, sailor, shipmate, submariner, war hero, veteran, husband, mailman, father, gardener, rockhound, geologist, archaeologist, artist, artisan, hunter, fisherman, volunteer, entertainer, grandfather, and friend.

This is a very brief overview of my maternal grandfather Shelton Doyle Blalock's life, as well as my maternal grandmother Lodena Alexander Blalock. They were always together. What you'll find here is a compilation of old pictures and articles that I am attempting to place some type of order to. Some articles thankfully had a date printed on them while others a date could only be inferred. I have no idea of a time or place of many pictures so I just placed them where they looked appropriate. Therefore, most of what you see here will be in chronological order, but some things will not be. I suppose if I can't tell and you can't tell, then it doesn't matter much. Nearly every picture and document you will see was scanned by me, so if something doesn't look good it's my fault or else it was too old to scan well.

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Doyle and Lance

Here's Doyle ("Papaw") and me in the sanctuary of Chunky Baptist Church. I am guessing that I was around 14 years old when this picture was taken.